• EXPERIMENTATION n°1: Panoramic photographs of various sceneries, an alternative for in situ experiments. The objective of this experimentation is to describe panoramic photographs. Start »

  • EXPERIMENTATION n°2: This Java prototype of a conceptual map results from a semi-automatic interpretation of photograph 1. This version is a degraded one since the application ontology is not loaded by the application. You should be able to spatially modify the given interpretation, e.g. move the entities, modify the spatial relations and the number of directional cones, etc. The linguistic and spatial salience scores will be updated just-in-time. NB: since the program requires additional security permissions, it will not start just yet. Since the JAR file is signed, you will be prompted to give additional security permissions. Please confirm the question, you will not be asked again. Assuming you grant permissions, the program should then run. Start »